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Welcome to Healing Palms Pet Massage And Care. All services are provided by Cindy Chu at clients' locations in Mountain's Edge, South Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Spring Valley, and limited hotel locations. For reservations, please call or text 702-236-4983. Reservations are suggested at least 14 days in advance. Full payment will be collected on first day of service. Cancellations can be made 1 day prior to date of service. Price list applies to all species including dogs, cats, small animals, horses, birds, pot bellied pigs and reptiles.​

Overnight sitting- $50 per night (limit 2 animal companions)

                             $75 per night (limit 3-8 animal companions)

                             $100 per night (limit 9-10 animal companions)

                             $150 per night (11 or more animal companions)

**Overnight sitting hours are from 7pm-7am. Service outside these hours will be considered a daily check up, and rates will apply.**

Daily check up (Morning/Afternoon visits) - $25.00 per visit per day for 30 minutes/$35.00 per visit per day for 1 hour (includes feedings, administer medications, playtime or walks). Limit 2 animal companions. $5.00 additional per extra companions. 

Animal Massage- $20.00 for 30 minutes/$40.00 for 1 hour per animal companion

Massage Introductory offer- $25.00 for 3 sessions (maximum 30 minutes each) per animal companion

**Pet parents will receive daily updates and photos/videos of their companions**

Please be advised, Healing Palms Pet Massage And Care reserves the right to deny service at any time for any reason. A Meet and Greet with pet parents and their companions is highly recommended before commitment is made to any service. Cash and personal checks are accepted only.

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