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Healing Palms Pet Massage And Care is licensed and insured, operating in Las Vegas, Nevada. Owner, Cindy Chu, founded this company in 2013 after completing her IPTouch Exotic Animal Massage and Care Provider certification at UNLV. During her studies at UNLV, Cindy received both extensive classroom and offsite hands on training with various species of animals including pot bellied pigs, macaws, horses, ball pythons, and african tortoise. She is also PetAid/CPR certified, and has only recently decided to provide her services to the public beginning 2017. Prior to opening her business, Cindy has spent many volunteer hours to care for the animals at NSPCA, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, RoosNMore Zoo in Moapa, Nevada, V Animal Sanctuary, Vegas Shepherd Rescue, and Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary. Animal care is Cindy's passion in life. Her work has helped her learn the true meaning of unconditional love through the bonds she has formed with the animals in her care. At the same time, she has also formed close connections with other animal lovers working to provide the best care for their animals. Cindy resides in Las Vegas with her German Shepherd/Husky, four cats, a Keel-Billed Toucan and two Curl-Crested Aracaris.

IPTouch is a unique form of non medical hands-on animal communication techniques for most species of animals. The goal of these techniques is to decrease tension by activation of parasympathetic nervous system relaxation response. Rescued domestic and wildlife animals can greatly benefit from IPTouch. It's founder, Amy Herzlich, has taught her techniques many years at the University of Las Vegas to educate about animal welfare. It is also recognized by the Nevada Veterinary Board.

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